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DroughtGard® VT2 PRO® RIB Complete® Corn Blend Hybrids

Chemical: Roundup Ready® (Glyphosate Tolerant)

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DroughtGard® Protection
Maximize Yield Potential in Drought Conditions.
  • The DroughtGard® Hybrids trait is a part of a systems approach that combines best agronomic recommendations, germplasm selected for top-end yield potential and superior drought-tolerance characteristics.

  • The DroughtGard® Hybrids gene helps the plant create proteins that are essential for growth, helping to support yield opportunity when water is scarce.



  • Hydroefficiency helps the corn plant withstand drought conditions and can help you manage risk of yield loss when drought stress occurs.

VT2 PRO® RIB Complete® Corn Blend Hybrids
Controls Above-ground Insects.


  • VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend contains dual modes of action for maximum protection against corn earworm and other above-ground pests, like European and Southwestern corn borers and fall armyworm.

5% Refuge

  • VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® is a mix of 95% traited and 5% refuge seed. With refuge-in-a-bag, there's no need to calculate or plant separate, structured refuge in the Corn-Growing Area. Just pour it in your planter and go.

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