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Alfalfa Field

D-98 Alfalfa

  • Strong traffic/compaction tolerance, yield and superior forage quality

  • Adapted to all US production areas where fall dormancy 3, 4 or 5 varieties are recommended

  • D-98 will fit the traditional 3 or 4 harvest systems or ratational grazing programs

  • D-98 has a medium maturity to one-tenth flower and an average rate of recovery after harvest to fit well with cool season grasses or other legumes in mixtures 

Davis Alfalfa

Performance for the way you farm.

Field Appearance at Harvest Maturity

  • A very uniform, medium height variety with a dense, leafy appearance

  • A very dark green plant color

Key Agronomic Characteristics

D-98 Advantages over other brands
alfalfa field
  • Fall Dormancy 4

  • Winter Hardiness Index 2

Disease and Insect ratings for D-98 Alfalfa

Also Available

  • D-95 Alfalfa

  • NO-HOP Alfalfa

  • Alfalfa Pasture Mix

  • All Grass Forage Mix

  • Cover crops and other small grains


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